Named after the mythical north-easterly wind that heralds the arrival of fine weather in Galicia, Nordés celebrates the essence of a land which lies on the Atlantic coast, long known for its native gastronomy. Botanicals grow wild throughout the region, time-honoured in local folclore: refreshing bay and soothing sage, along with the salty tang of samphire, hints of eucalyptus, the understated citrus flavour of lemon verbena, and th faintest murmur of mint. There are hints of Galician explorers from bygone times too, with juniper, cardamom ginger, hibiscus and tea. To finish, our best kept secret: distilled Galician wine, which is what gives our gin its unique character and flavour. Nordés is unmistakeble as a gin that awakens the senses. Singular, aromatic and well balanced, it is perfect for enjoying time spent in good company, and savouring the smaller pleasures in life.

GRAU: 40%

VOLUME: 700ml

Categoria: Product ID: 1667


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