Graham’s 1997 Vintage Porto


Graham’s Vintage Ports are only made in the rare years when the wines are of outstanding quality, usually some three or four times in each decade. Since its foundation in 1820, Graham’s has followed a policy which has earned the company a leading position as one of the greatest of all Port producers. Graham’s owns one of the Douro’s finest properties, Quinta dos Malvedos. This magnificent south-facing vineyards is planted with a careful selection of the best grape varieties. The Quinta’s terraces are set on a commanding ridge over the river Douro and the quality of the wines from the vineyard is unsurpassed. Im 1970 the Graham’s sold the company to the Symington family who are also of Scottish origin and who have themselves been Port producers since 1882. Today the company is entirely family owned and managed.
This bottle should always be stored lying down at a moderate and reasonably constant temperature and should be decanted prior to serving.

ANO:  1997

GRAU: 20%

VOLUME: 750ml

ZONA: Douro

MARCA: Graham’s

Categoria: Product ID: 2656


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