Dow’s 1995 Quinta do Bomfim Vintage Port


Quinta do Bomfim, Dow’s finest vineyard, acquired and granted by the firm in 1890, is situated in perhaps the most favourable location in the mountainous country of the demarcated Douro Region. Its profusion of terraced vineyards, close to the village of Pinhão, occupy south-facing slopes which run from the ridge of the hills above the property down to the river Douro. This position on the north bank of the Douro allows the vines well above average exposure to sunshine and produces full maturity of the grapes at harvest time.
The entire Quinta has the top grade “A” classification and in “declared” years its finest wines form the core of Dow’s famed Vintage Ports. In many other years the Quinta produces wines of consistently high quality, and in these years the best wines are selected for early bottling and treated in all respects as Vintage Port. Thus Quinta do Bomfim Vintage Port should be stored lying down and always decanted prior to serving, as it will throw a heavy sediment in bottle.
Quinta do Bomfim Vintage Port is normally ready to drink from about its tenth year but will also benefit by keeping for many years more.

ANO:  1995

GRAU: 20%

VOLUME: 750ml

ZONA: Douro

MARCA: Dow’s

Categoria: Product ID: 2661


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