Dow’s 1977 Silver Jubilee Vintage Port


Dow’s Vintage Port is unquestionably one of the world’s finest wines. It is produced only in the most exceptional years, usually some two or three times every decade. For nearly two centuries Dow’s Vintage Ports have been renowned for ther superb quality and their distinctive style, being slightly drier than most. To decant this wine, stand the bottled upright for an hour or so before pulling the cork. During this time the “crust” (sediment) will readily sink to the bottom. Uncork carefully and pour the wine slowly and steadily into a clean decanter, leaving the sediment in the original bottle.
Vintage Port should be stored lying down.

ANO:  1977

VOLUME: 750ml

ZONA: Douro

MARCA: Dow’s

Categoria: Product ID: 2663


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