Cardhu Gold Reserve


Two hundred years ago, when rural communities were close-knit, our founder Helen Cumming warned neighbouring distillers of the aproach of revenue officials by hoisting a flag. Such generosity of spirit came to define Cardhu, and developed further under Helen’s successor, elizabeth Cumming. The crafting of Cardhu Gold Reserve pays tribute to their generous natures, featuring hand-picked toasted oak casks to bring forward its notes of honey and sweet baked apple. Skilled maturation enriches the silky, smooth speyside character of Cardhu with deeper flavours or dark chocolate and ripe orchard fruit, to yield a beautiful balance and depth. Captivating from the first pour to the last sip, this luxurious golden liquid with a rich and round flavour is the perfect whisky to share on a special occasion. We think Helen and Elizabeth would be proud to serve it.

GRAU: 40%

VOLUME: 700ml

Categoria: Product ID: 2150


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