Cardhu 12 Years


Cardhu has a generous spirit which flows from two pionerring women, Helen & Elizabeth Cumming who cofounded and built up the distillery.
Two hundred years ago, when rural communities were close knit, Hellen Cumming warned neighbouring distillers of the aproach of revenue officials by hosting a flag.
Later, Elizabeth Cumming’s entrepreneurial drive enabled her to build a new, much larger distillery. She was also known for her acts of kindness and hor her “hospitable home”.
When Elizabeth retired she entrusted her cherished Cardhu to John Walker & Sons. This, their first distillery has become the spiritual home of Johnnie Walker while its own generous spirit echoes the character of the cummings of Cardhu.
Cardhu is a soft , smooth Speyside Single Malt acclaimed for its elegant style and silky texture. Finest malted barley, pure spring water from the Mannoch Hills, slow traditional distilling and skilled maturation in oak all play their part in its creation.
To fully savour each generous, honeyed layer of rich and fruity flavour, enjoy from a balloon glass.

GRAU: 40%

VOLUME: 700ml

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