Antiquary 12 Years


John & William Hardie began their quest to create the perfect blended scotch whisky more than 150 years ago. In 1888, using only the finest and rarest malts, they succeeded in creating what was considered to be superior to all other blends; The Antiquary. The name is taken from the famous gothic novel written by Sir Walter Scott, redolent with family secrets, stories of hidden treasure and hopeless love.
Matured in specially selected oak casks, The Antiquary 12 Year Old is a premium blended scotch whisky which has been crafted using Scotland’s most treasured malt and grain whsikies, all of which have been aged for a minimum of twelve years. Containing an exceptionally high proportion of malt whiskies, this whisky is perfectly balanced with a light and delicate character and a smooth lingering finish.

GRAU: 40%

VOLUME: 700ml

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